HP Printers Drivers

HP Printer Drivers

HP Printer Drivers
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HP Printer Drivers Setup must be performed correctly to ensure that you experience your Printer’s capacity to the fullest. For this, it must be installed on your Computer which may be using Windows or Mac as an OS. 

Installation On Windows

  1. Locate the Downloaded Driver File on your system.
  2. Open the same by double-clicking on it. 
  3. The Installation Wizard will begin extracting the files. Hence, wait.
  4. Click “Run” on the following pop-up box for Security Warning. 
  5. Permit Installation by clicking “Yes” when prompted by the User Account Control box.
  6. Thereafter, click “Continue”.
  7. When you get the Software Selection window, choose the “Customize Software Selection” option. 
  8. This gives you access to a list that contains all the software available for Installation. 
  9. Select judiciously and click “Next”.
  10. Carefully read the License Agreement for the usage of HP Printer Drivers by scrolling down to the very bottom of this document.
  11. Select the “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” option.
  12. Click “Next” to get started with the Installation process which will take time. 
  13. Wait, until the process finishes and click “Next”.
  14. Now, select  Wired or Wireless Setup as your Network Connection option as per the Connectivity Infrastructure of your HP Printer. 
  15. Complete the Network Setup in accordance with the given on-screen instructions. You will have to follow these instructions. 
  16. Thereafter, give a preferred Name to your Printer. After that, Add your Device i.e. HP Printer. Then, perform a Test Print for ensuring you have connected to the correct Network. 
  17. At last, click “Finish” and Restart your Computer.

Installation On Mac

  1. Locate the Downloaded Driver File on your system.
  2. Open the same by right-clicking on it. 
  3. Click “Open” when prompted by a pop-up box.
  4. Once again, click “Open” on the following pop-up box for Security Warning. 
  5. Carefully read the “End User License Agreement” and “Privacy Statement” for the usage of HP Printer Drivers. For this, click on the respective links.
  6. After that, choose the checkboxes beside the links and accept the terms.
  7. Click “Continue” and proceed further.
  8. When prompted to turn on the HP Printer, follow the instructions to do the same.
  9. At the same time, ensure that both Mac and the Printer are connected to the same “Network”.
  10. However, if they are hooked to different Networks. Then, select “Yes” on the following pop-up box for “Restoring Printer’s Network Settings”. Else, select “No” to proceed further. 
  11. Complete the HP Printer Drivers’ Network Connection Setup. For this, follow the instructions given on your screen.
  12. Judiciously select the software required for Installation from the given list of options.
  13. Finally, click “Install”.
  14. Enter your Mac Login Credentials carefully and click “OK”.
  15. Click “Continue” to initiate the Installation process.
  16. Then, wait patiently.
  17. Restart your Device to complete the process. 

Installing HP Printer Drivers on your computer ensures that your Printer has the means to communicate with your Computing Device. However, Installation is not possible without downloading the correct set of latest Drivers. This means you must download them properly from a reliable source. For instance, HP’s official website i.e. “123.hp.com”.

Download HP Printer Drivers

  1. HP Printer Drivers Download is required for its proper Setup. As such, begin by accessing your Computer where you want the software to be Installed. 
  2. Turn on your Computer and connect it to an Internet Network which is stable. Additionally, it should offer high-speed. If possible, go for a Broadband connection.
  3. Besides that, both the Printer and the Computer must be using the same Network. 
  4. Get access to your system’s Web Browser and launch “123.hp.com”.
  5. This webpage will help you in locating the dedicated HP Printer Drivers for your Printer Model. For this purpose, it shares a “Search Bar” to enter your Printer’s Model Number. Hence, enter your Model Number correctly. Printer’s Model Number is usually located on the machine’s front or top side. However, if you still fail to identify, check your Printer’s Invoice. Additionally, “Where’s the model number?” link beneath the “Search Bar” can also assist you with the same. 
  6. After providing the Model Number correctly, click on the “Search” button. As such, this platform will lead you to your Printer’s web page.
  7. Despite that, if you can’t get your Printer in the Search Results. Then, you have the alternative to use the accompanied Installation CD for the download. Else, get the generic HP Printer Drivers at “123.hp.com/setup”.
  8. Finally, click “Download” and begin this process. It might take time which means you must wait patiently.